Technical Cyber Security Intelligence contributions for a more secure society

IT Security House™ brings the tried and world proven cyber security services
from CSIS (the Cyber Security Intelligence Services) and the Heimdal Security Europe to the US market.

The cyber threat landscape is changing in real time. It continues to threaten economic growth, geopolitical relations, business interests and our personal safety. This makes cybercrime a growing challenge for those in positions of authority charged with protecting infrastructure, commerce, financial systems, borders, and individuals.

ITSH (IT Security House™) EMEA market presence and World Wide network enables us
to credibly understand how the threat landscape is changing in real time.

A Different Approach

A Different Approach

As the leading b2b Cyber Security Intelligence research company, our belief is that the current state of cyber security solutions is insufficient to protect against these advanced threats. We believe a more holistic, intelligence driven and operational approach is required. The IT Security House approach combines human intelligence and technology with innovative solutions that ensure a more secure society. Our Innovation Labs are manned by security experts, hackers, forensic experts and master programmers whose expertise is singularly focused on providing innovative solutions to our customers. As a result, our clients can investigate fraud and cybercrime more effectively, rely on the continuity of their IT infrastructure, communicate more securely, benefit from a secure Internet, and more.

Information & Technology driven company

In 2002, IT Security House was founded in Denmark with a mission to meet the growing threats from IT criminals. Today, IT Security House is still 100% privately owned by its founders. IT Security House is powered by the Cyber Security Intelligence Group (CSIS). It has become the leading European supplier of Cyber Security Intelligence and eCrime services. In December 2015 IT Security House opened its first US headquarters in Austin, Texas. We are a team of world known security experts, bringing two decades of international security experience, enables us to help businesses lower their risk surface by implementing effective and affordable security solutions manageable to implement and use.

Information & Technology driven company
Cyber Criminals

Cyber Criminals

IT Security House powered by The CSIS security Group have been involved in a number of cyber criminal and espionage cases where we have led emergency response activities. From this we have dealt with highly sophisticated malware used by rogue governments. Eventually, this type of malignant malware finds its way into the hands of cyber hackers. Criminal elements can disrupt the financial interests of companies and severely damage their reputations. Hackers with more devious political motives may even endanger national security.

Mission-driven services

Through our partners, and our Innovative research and mission-driven investigation lab, IT Security House prevents, mitigates and solves the most serious cyber threats in financial, corporate, governmental, defense, law enforcement, critical infrastructure, and multinational environments worldwide. The knowledge we gain by continually following the location of IT criminals is redeployed to develop solutions providing optimum protection to our clients.

Test-driven services
challenge & solutions

Challenge & solutions

Business leaders understand the consequences of a cyber attack from loss of trust with stakeholders to loss of revenue on the bottom line. In response, companies around the globe are investing human and financial resources into cyber security solutions with hopes of protecting their businesses from risk. Yet hardly a day goes by without another breach, loss of customer data, or theft of intellectual property. Despite all the activity, real cyber security services have proven elusive. New and emerging threats can be very comprehensive and nearly impossible to battle on your own. Our engagement model helps customers and partners not only identify new and existing threats, but also to build a recurring protection against and around it.